Rest Day – Russia part 7

We camped the night at Baikal, and were happy we did not need to walk in the morning. Our arranged transport from the park service was supposed to arrive at noon, but arrived closer to 9:30. We had to scramble

Trekking Day 2 – Russia part 5

The first night at camp was an excellent experience. The sun low and the air was cooling when we began assembling our tents. Thankfully there was not much wind as we started a fire, cooked our meals, and enjoyed our

Adams and Madison Winter Hike (2016)

December 4th was the day to tag Mt. Madison along with its neighbor, Mt. Adams, while I was there. It was a decent day with temperatures in the teens. The forecast called for foggy summits during the morning, with clearing

South Sister, Bend Oregon

My wife and I brought two suitcases with us when traveling to Oregon in late July of 2015. One contained our clothing for a wedding ceremony and subsequent week of vacation. The other contained my mountaineering equipment for an ascent

Mount Monroe Winter Hike (2016)

I took a short trip Mt. Monroe the day after Christmas to burn off some energy. Monroe is a 5,372 foot peak that sits next to Mt. Washington in New Hampshire’s Presidential range. The day was unseasonably warm, in the