Coggeshall Farm, Bristol Rhode Island

Classy Squid Fiber Co. participated as a vendor in it’s first fiber festival on Saturday, May 28! My role was primarily logistical. Packing the truck, transporting goods, helping with setup and breakdown, and intimidating people against stealing merchandise. The festival

Westfield Farm, Hubbardston MA.

Whenever we drive to central Massachusetts to visit our alpaca farm friends, we always stop at Westfield Farm and pick up some goat cheese.

Mansions of Newport Rhode Island (2016)

We visited Newport Rhode Island to visit the 19th century mansions after Christmas on our winter vacation. During the Christmas season, The Breakers, Marble House, and The Elms mansions have their halls decked for Christmas.

East of Reykjavik, The Golden Circle

Our second day trip outside of Reykjavik was to the East along a route known as The Golden Circle. This trip encounters many of the natural features commonly associated with Iceland: enormous geysers, spectacular waterfalls, tectonic rifts, and geothermal power.

South of Reykjavik, To Vik and Back

Our third day trip involved traveling south of Reykjavik along what is called the South Coast tour. Highlights include expansive black sand beaches, epic waterfalls, a DC-3 plane crash site, volcanoes, and puffins!


Our hotel for this trip, our base of operations, was located in the center of the downtown area of Reykjavik. We spent the first two days adjusting to the time and surroundings by walking around much of the city.

Adams and Madison Winter Hike (2016)

December 4th was the day to tag Mt. Madison along with its neighbor, Mt. Adams, while I was there. It was a decent day with temperatures in the teens. The forecast called for foggy summits during the morning, with clearing

South Sister, Bend Oregon

My wife and I brought two suitcases with us when traveling to Oregon in late July of 2015. One contained our clothing for a wedding ceremony and subsequent week of vacation. The other contained my mountaineering equipment for an ascent

Mount Monroe Winter Hike (2016)

I took a short trip Mt. Monroe the day after Christmas to burn off some energy. Monroe is a 5,372 foot peak that sits next to Mt. Washington in New Hampshire’s Presidential range. The day was unseasonably warm, in the