Rest Day – Russia part 7

We camped the night at Baikal, and were happy we did not need to walk in the morning. Our arranged transport from the park service was supposed to arrive at noon, but arrived closer to 9:30. We had to scramble

Trekking Day 2 – Russia part 5

The first night at camp was an excellent experience. The sun low and the air was cooling when we began assembling our tents. Thankfully there was not much wind as we started a fire, cooked our meals, and enjoyed our

Ulan-Ude – Russia Part 3

We met up with Misha, our host, guide, and friend, and got onto a flight from Moscow to Ulan-Ude. An overnight 8 hour of flight, and 5 time zones later, we landed in Ulan-Ude. Misha’s father was there to pick