North American Adventure, 2018

What are we doing?
We will be driving around North America! We bought a small travel trailer, and will be staying with friends, in campgrounds, on public lands, and visiting areas of the country we have not yet experienced. We plan to spend the summer and early fall on the road, and return home in Massachusetts before it gets too cold. I am unemployed at the moment, but Amanda is working on her computer and phone 20 hours per week. We plan to drive and adventure for 4 days, Friday – Monday, then settle down to work and recover for 3 days, Tuesday – Thursday.

Why are we doing it?
We wanted to see new areas of the country and change the pace of our life for a while. A long term road trip has always been a dream, and this summer seemed like a good time to do it. I like to experience the outdoors, seeing new landscapes, and hiking mountains. Amanda likes to see new places, visit fiber studios and farms around the country, and expand her comfort zone. Amanda’s employer is flexible and tolerant of unique work situations, so we decided to make use of that benefit. We spent a long time saving and planning for this trip, and have finally put the plans in motion!

What are we living in?
We are towing a small K-Z Sportsmen Classic RB130 travel trailer. The RB130 is a 13′ trailer with a shower, toilet, two burner propane cook top, refrigerator, and a dinette that folds up into a bed. We wanted a short and light trailer that would allow us to easily find space in campgrounds, drive down smaller roads, park in small towns, and camp in remote locations. We are towing with a Ford Ranger XLT, V6, 4.0L. Towing with the Ranger is a little slow on the highway when climbing steep hills, but so far it’s doing alright.

Where are we going?
Our plan is to head north from Boston, visiting some friends in Maine. We will drive to Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island, and Prince Edward Island before heading south. From there we will head west to New Hampshire and Vermont on our way to Niagara Falls. From there, we intend to head west towards Glacier National Park, Banff and Jasper National Park. Outside of this our plans are flexible and subject to change, which is how we like it!

You can follow along on Instagram @alpacainstitute and @classysquidfiberco

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