Trekking Day 1 – Ust-Barguzin – Russia part 4

After spending the night in Ulan-Ude, we piled into Misha’s father’s car and drove 5 hours to Ust-Barguzin. Misha’s cousin Nina was arriving at Ust-Barguzin by bus, so we relaxed for a bit until she arrived.

The first issue began before we hit the trailhead. The road was blocked, and a police officer would not let us pass. Misha asked if there was a problem. “Not yet”, said the officer.

Since we couldn’t drive any further, we unloaded, said our goodbyes to Misha’s father, and the 5 of us began walking. Thankfully there was a stream on the map that we could follow until it intersected the trail in the woods. From there we walked along the valley floor towards our campsite on the ridge.

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Loaded up for Ust-Barguzin
At the ‘trailhead”
At the trailhead. This is it?
Getting ready to roll
Busy town
Rest and food break
Rest at the 1st shelter. We won’t camp here tonight
“I think we are here…”
Climbing to the ridge as the sun sets
Climbing to the ridge as the sun sets
Last steep climb before camp
Tired out, but happy to be here.
Tired out, but happy to be here.


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