Salt Lake to Moab, Colorado Roadtrip, 2017 – Part 1

This trip began when our flight landed in Salt Lake City around noon. Salt Lake City had the nearest large airport with a direct flight and cheap ticket prices. After landing at Salt Lake and collecting our rental car, we drove East, then South towards our hostel in Moab. We drove a slightly less direct route through Routes 40 and 191s, and saw some rural areas. With a 4.5 hour drive ahead, we enjoyed most of the views from the car and didn’t make too many stops. The landscape changed so dramatically in this time, we could have spent hours looking at the sights. As we rode South we watched the land grow drier and more arid. Green gave way to brown underbrush, dusty land and stone, and oil wells. Soon the grey land became filled with red rock and soil. By the time we reached Moab, the land had fully transformed into the Arches National Park landscape.

Salt Lake to Moab – Part 1
Arches National Park – Part 2
Indian Creek and Petroglyphs – Part 3
Mesa Verde National Park – Part 4
Silverton, Telluride, and the Million Dollar Highway – Part 5
Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park – Part 6
Leadville and Boulder – Part 7
Eldorado Canyon – Part 8

Strawberry Reservoir, Utah
Strawberry Reservoir
Strawberry Reservoir
Utah Scenery
Salmon hatchery
First tumbleweed!
Drove through many hubs of commerce between Salt Lake City and Moab.

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