Coggeshall Farm, Bristol Rhode Island

Classy Squid Fiber Co. participated as a vendor in it’s first fiber festival on Saturday, May 28! My role was primarily logistical. Packing the truck, transporting goods, helping with setup and breakdown, and intimidating people against stealing merchandise. The festival this year was busy with activities and people, but the average attendee turned out to be less than our ideal target audience. We sold some product, and made many new connections and customers. Overall, value earned from this trip was more experiential than monetary. We learned a lot… Overall, a great introduction to vending at shows.

The destination was Coggeshall Farm, a living history museum that recreates the life of a tenant farm house in the 1790s. This particular time period is interesting because it falls after the noise of the American Revolution, but before the Industrial Revolution. The museum features living history actors, livestock, sheep shearing, farming, and a glimpse into 1790s lifestyle. The centerpiece is a farmhouse, believed to be built sometime between 1785 and 1799 and maintained in a historic fashion. See more at

In recent times the museum has fallen on financial difficulties,  but the past 2-3 years have seen changes in leadership and a renewed drive to restore the property and reinvigorate the museum programs. This fiber festival has been growing each year, and the museum hopes to continue its expansion.

Coggeshall Farm Museum
Classy Squid Fiber Co. at Coggeshall Farm Museum
The Classy Squid Crew
Sheep Shearing demonstration at Coggeshall Farm
Living History like a Boss
Farm girl at Coggeshall Farm Museum
“Ladies of the Rolling Pin”
Drawing in Customers
Meetups with Friends of Classy Squid
Dandy Sir Cepholapod
George the Giant Squid

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