Westfield Farm, Hubbardston MA.

Whenever we drive to central Massachusetts to visit our alpaca farm friends, we always stop at Westfield Farm and pick up some goat cheese.

Westfield Farm is a cheese farm located on Route 68 in Hubbardston Massachusetts. The farm is unassuming, but produces some of North America’s best goat cheese, winning many national awards. The Kilmoyer family started their cheese business in the 1980s with a pair of Nubian goats that were “temporarily” in their care. The two goats soon became a herd of ninety goats. As the business grew to be more than a hobby, they decided to sell the goats ahead of selling the business. When Debby and Bob Stetson purchased the business in 1996, they moved in with the Kilmoyer family for four weeks to learn the art of cheese making. Today Westfield Farm produces by hand about 3000 pounds of cheese per week. The farm sources their milk from local goat and cow dairies, and regularly wins awards in national competitions.

Westfield farm has a self-service station in a building where one can choose cheese from the refrigerator and leave cash in a basket.  For those who are not local, Westfield Farm will also ship to your location. See the Westfield Farm website.

If traveling to Westfield Farm, know that the view from the road is obscured. Be on the lookout for the street sign by the driveway leading up the hill (photos below).

Westfield Farm self service building
Westfield Farm
Westfield Farm – view From The Road
Westfield Farm’s Capri Specialty Cheeses Sign

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